Tuesday, 13 December 2016

All the best for next year!

2016 Year 6 students2016 Year 6 students — by Amesbury School

An evening of celebration, dinner and speeches for our Year 6 students... 

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Year 3/4 Camp Day Two

After a good night's sleep we were ready for the second energetic day of camp.
After much toast, fruit and cereal (thanks for hoovering up our milk spillages, Jackson!) we made our own cut lunches and then headed off to the ASB Centre. A high energy rotation of futsal, frisbee and inflatables left us a little hot and sweaty, but we had time to cool down a little in the shade of beautiful trees in Kilbirnie Park whilst we had our lunch.
Time to cool off and clean up: Kilbirnie Aquatic Centre was a perfect place to end the day. A swim, a run through through the sprinklers and a chance to laugh and play with friends before heading back to school.
A great camp was had by all. Many thanks to all of the parents who came and helped out in any way, including the parents willing  to help us pitch tents, even though we ended up not doing this - camps are possible because of all of the support from you. Thanks also to Mike, for all of his help, and to Hazel, who took time out of her Uni schedule to come on camp with us.
Sleep well, everyone!

Friday, 9 December 2016

Camp Fun!


Photos from the Year 5 & 6 Forest Lakes Camp... 

Day One of our Year 3/4 Camp

Wow, it has been a busy, exciting day!
We started by exploring the treasures of Te Papa, after rain meant we could not head to the beach. We wandered through wonders in small groups and went to all of our favourite haunts.
After a quick lunch we headed off to Jumperama, for an hour on the trampolines and an hour bowling. We discovered that Mike is very agile and Leo is a ninja with his flips.
Back to school for some afternoon tea, sampling the delights of our home-made slices from the transition programme, then on to some social time with friends.
Dinner was cooked by our own fair hands, using small barbecues to cook our own sausages; we are pretty proud of ourselves for that! After ice blocks to wash it all down, setting up our sleeping spaces took us a while to get it all just right (rain meant we did not pitch our tents outside, sadly). Then some settling down time listening to our hub novels.
Phew, a pretty full on day! Tomorrow we are off to the ASB Centre for some sports, then on to the pool. Bring it on!

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Persuasive Writing by Te Rito Hub

Would you rather...Would you rather... — by Angela Johnston

This term we have been improving our literacy through persuasive writing. Here is a small sample of work from Adhrit, Hannah and Bowie. These ones are inspired by John Burningham's book titled "Would You Rather".

Monday, 14 November 2016

Amesbury School Open Today


We've checked out the school and everything looks fine and set to go. School will be open as usual today. 

Saturday, 5 November 2016

Koru Persuasive Writing

Koru Hub continues to work on writing persuasively. We have been getting our creative juices flowing by inventing new products and then persuading others to use them or buy them. Can you see anything here you would like to try?

If you love wings and if you love colour and sparkle then you should get flying pyjamas. 
My first reason is it can make you fly up to the sky. My second reason is if you don't want to walk to bed then the colour and sparkle wings will fly you to bed. My third reason is your bed will fly when you're asleep. 
Flying pyjamas are so cool that you should get some any day.                               Emily, age 6

Do you want to buy a transforming toilet? You can go into space!
The toilet has a jet pack so you can go anywhere you want to go. It comes with a double toilet so you can go on the toilet with your friend. And after a while you get flushed down the chain. 
I think it is fun.                       Josh, age 6

Do you want a pet Ponycorn? It's very cool so do you want it?
My first reason is that you should get it because it has a button and if you click on it the Ponycorn will turn you into a ponycorn, too! My second reason is that if you say the word LOVE the Ponycorn will give you a ride. My third reason is that if you touch or press its cutie mark the cutie mark will change. If the cutie mark is the same all the time it will be boring. That is why the cutie mark changes.                             Sonia, age 6

Are you sick of fighting? You should use a Protection Wardrobe! 
My first reason is it can save your life and it goes to war. My second reason is it kills baddies. My third reason is if you touch its undies then he will laugh! 
Protection Wardrobe is war-tastic so you should get it today.          Jack, age 6

Some creative products and compelling reasons to try them! We'll keep the persuasive writing coming!

Wednesday, 2 November 2016


The moment I stepped onto the dance floor I felt a quiver down my spine. I was being watched by all the parents. I got lined up, ugh so loud. I knew for salsa we had to be partners with the person next to us so I looked next to me. It was Tre. I was having so much fun.

Now Jack and Mark were introducing themselves and what we were going to be doing. I was bursting with excitement.We were starting. “Shoulder, shoulder… Ok, I’m getting it.” I thought.

“ALL I WANNA SAY IS THAT THEY DON’T REALLY CARE ABOUT US!” We all shouted. Now I was doing the ‘pump, look up- bring it on down’ move. It was really fun.

We moved on to the salsa. Lots of the girls hated being with the boys but it was alright. We were doing the dance and we had so much fun. Now for the surprise… The parents were invited up onto the dance floor and we had to do ‘Ice Cream and Cakedy-cake!’
We had a really enjoyable, fun, epic, awesome and amazing time learning how to dance and actually doing the dance. I had a blast.- Grace Buchanan

Monday, 24 October 2016

Amesbury School Athletics Day - Results


The sun was shining, the birds were singing and our students were competing to the best of their abilities - another successful athletics day. 

Friday, 21 October 2016

Athletics Day


There were six events in that day of uphill hill hard work battle to see who was the greatest. My personal favorites were vortex, quoits and long jump. Funnily enough I was actually really good at it. For every event someone different won: Freeman won sprints, I won quoits and Callum won vortex. No-one was good at everything especially with me doing high jump, one reason for that is the weather.


At the start of the day it was horrific. The weather was so bad I started getting dressed into my normal school clothes. Every hour after it just kept getting better, sadly for me high jump was just at the wrong time of the day. Sprints were at the wrong time of the day too because it was too hot. The weather didn’t affect the sports events and the ran smoothly.

Overall the day was quite great, there were no injuries and everyone had a good time.

- Harry Law

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Persuasive Writing from Koru Hub

Do you wonder what your children think about different aspects of school life? Well, wonder no more, Koru students are ready to tell us!
We have been learning about writing persuasively. Over the next few weeks we will be posting some writing from students who would like to persuade you about a range of different things.
Here is our first batch of writing:

"I think we should bring our bikes to school. First because they give us energy. Second because the bike track is nearly open. Finally we can race people on the new bike track.
We should bring our bikes to school because it is fun."                 James, age 6

"I think that I should do times tables because I don't know all of the times tables. My first reason is I want to do challenging learning. My second reason is that I do hard times tables (so) if I move to High School I know it quickly. My last reason is that so I'm ready to move to High School.
I think that I should do times tables because I don't know all of the times tables and I want more challenging learning."                Jericho, age 6

"I think it would be better to not have school uniform on. I think it is better to not have school uniform on because I get cold and I do not like getting cold and I want to be warm. Second it gets boring because we wear the same thing every day. My third reason is school uniform is not as comfortable as our own clothes.
I think we should not wear school uniform. It will be cool if we can choose our own clothes." 
                                             Taylin, age 7

"Jackson (the cat) should stay outside. My first reason is that Jackson should stay outside because he might poo inside and it will be hard to clean the poo off the mat. My second reason is if he pees on the floor it might stick in the mat and if someone lies on it it will smell bad and it is going to be hard to clean too. My third reason is because Jackson might distract us and we will not do our learning. I think Jackson should stay outside because it is hard to focus. People might go and touch Jackson and they will not do their learning so Jackson should stay outside."                          Zen, age 8

"I want to bring my bike to school. My first reason is that I should bring my bike to school because you can race your friends and you might win. My second reason is you can do tricks on your bike and it is fun. My third reason is you can do jumps on your bike and it is fun.
I should be allowed to bring my bike to school this will allow me to have more fun."     Vida, age 5

"I think we should have easier learning at school. My first reason is I want easier learning so I can know it all and if a person tells me I will tell them straight away. My second reason is if a teacher gives me a easy test I will do it all. My third reason is with easy learning I can get better. 
I think Amesbury School should have easier learning so the kids will get better."    Affan, age 6

"We should focus on our learning. My first reason is if we talk we can't remember. My second reason is we get ideas if we focus. My third reason is you should not sit next to friends because if we talk we can't write.                   Hayato, age 6.

More great writing to come!

Friday, 14 October 2016

2017 school term dates


Planning a get-away at the end of the year, or some time next year?  Here are our start date and term dates for 2017...